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The Loom - An Exclusive Collection of Crochet Garments 

The Loom is an exclusive collection representing the artistry and craft of skilled Armenian female artisans who pour their soul and expertise into meticulously crafting crochet shawls and blouses.They work diligently for weeks to ensure that every stitch is a testament to their artistry. Each shawl is a tribute to powerful women, weaving narratives of empowerment and individuality into the fabric. 

Creating our own rules and breaking them too

Every Thursday after work at an equity firm, she goes out for drinks with her colleagues. Her busy schedule doesn’t allow time for an outfit change; that’s why she chose something practical so that she can easily transition from a casual workday to an elegant evening attire. Her work outfit consists of a tube top with high-waist classic pants, mid-heel slingbacks, and this chic dark blue crochet shawl that completes her stylish yet organized look! All that’s missing to turn this outfit into an evening showstopper are her high heels and a glass of Lychee martini in her hand!

Keep your heels high, but standards higher

Today, the kids are staying at her mom's house, so tonight is all about her and her feminine side. She’s getting ready for their weekly date night with her husband. They have dinner reservations at Il Pastaio with their friends.Tonight, she is not a mom; she is a woman going out with her man, and her outfit balances sophistication and sensuality so well: high heels, cropped corset, and wide-leg classic pants. The black crochet shawl gracefully wraps around her shoulders, and she’s all ready for an evening out and a bottomless Aperol Spritz. 

Love is messy, but so are martinis

Every summer she goes to Ibiza with her husband. They are the life of the party. She’s getting ready to spend days and nights at luxury hotels, restaurants, day clubs and she needs a comfortable yet fabulous outfit to dress it up or down depending where they end up. Her signature summer look includes a trendy pair of slides with stylish shorts and a cropped corset. And to make her outfit more alluring she puts on her orange crochet shawl and she’s ready to take over the island. Her drink of choice? Oh, so Dirty Maritni!

Write the story of your life unapologetically fabulous! 

She’s been working on writing her own book for so long that going to her book signing event feels like a dream. And today, she is going to see her dream come true and must face it with elegance and style! Her ombré strapless midi dress with a puffy tulle skirt goes so well with her favorite turquoise crochet shawl. She wanted to bring it to light on a very special occasion, and here it is! And to finish her look, she puts on her hot pink high heels that make her outfit both inspiring and cheerful, just like her soul! She’s rushing to Barns & Nobles at The Grove. Arriving fashionably late is her trademark. Nothing can stop a woman with big dreams, hard work, and a Cosmopolitan in her hands!

Chasing dreams, catching sunsets

She chose to spend the weekend at Amangiri - a luxury and serene resort in the middle of nowhere to reconnect with herself and restore her emotional balance. While getting ready, she only took comfortable yet chic outfits, with a green crochet shawl being her favorite. She gracefully paired her shawl with beige wide-leg linen pants and a top and was ready to enjoy her favorite lavender cocktail while gazing at the beautiful sunset.

Champagne for the soul, always!

Every day, she gets off work at the same time. She is a partner at a law firm and is always professionally dressed with a touch of charm that represents her character. Her days are masterfully planned around her career, yet she’s a dreamer at heart. She is planning her spring vacation in Paris in bloom, where she is going to wear the gray jumpsuit she got for this trip and this iconic purple crochet shawl she can’t wait to take over Paris with a glass of champagne in her hands! 

Love, laughter, and stylish adventures.

Milan holds a special place in her heart. She adores traveling with her husband, exploring new destinations. Her distinct style features statement jewelry and a petite red bag, while her attire consists of loafers, beige classic pants, and a chic top. She’s getting ready for her yearly trip to Italy this time they’re also going to explore some other cities. White looks so good on her which is why she chose to take with her on this adventure the white crochet shawl! And what can be better than a lunch under the Tuscan sun, with a glass of white wine in a fabulous outfit!

Sparkling nights, unforgettable stories

Inspired by the movie “The Wedding Planner”, she pursued a career as an event planner. Today, she's rushing to one of the events she styled and executed, elegantly dressed in an ivory midi dress and wearing pink classic pumps. She chose the pink shawl to elevate her outfit as she wanted to add a romantic touch to her look. Tonight is extra special, she planned the perfect wedding ceremony and reception for high school sweethearts, who also happen to be her friends.