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Here you can discover your dream outfits that combine glamour, quality, luxury and comfort. At Summer Wren, we meticulously curate timeless yet fashion-forward collections.

Our aim is to instill confidence, elegance, and style in women of all ages, whether a young woman in her twenties or a seasoned professional in her forties.
Each garment in our collection is thoughtfully chosen to embrace your body flawlessly, accentuating the feminine silhouette while ensuring absolute comfort.
Our outfits effortlessly transition from casual daytime chic to sophisticated evening attire, offering versatile styling options tailored to your preferences. Much like you, we appreciate the significance of the finer details that make a significant impact.

The story behind our brand mirrors personal growth and transformation.

Summer 2021 marked a pivotal moment for our founder, Sona, where a newfound sense of self led to the birth of Summer Wren. The name encapsulates a sense of rebirth and creative empowerment derived from aligning mind, body, and life.Our founder wanted the brand to be associated with her, but not necessarily carry her name. 

Our brand name is inspired by the wren bird.
Sona has always been fascinated with birds, and when she came across Wren - the type of bird that symbolizes rebirth, is small but very mighty, she knew that was it.
Ever heard the tale of the wren? Despite its tiny size, it's known as the queen of birds. This feisty little birdie doesn't let its size define it. It sings loudly, flies high, and owns its world with grace. That's the spirit we channel at Summer Wren. 

Summer Wren stands for empowerment, amplifying your voice, and celebrating your individual strength.

Given the personal growth experience she had during summer 2021, she wanted to tell her story through fashion and help women around the world to love the way they look, and make them feel confident and be comfortable in what they wear. “The idea of the name came to me last summer, while I was taking my time to focus on myself, my mental health, clean eating habits and started working out. I felt reborn indeed. And when you feel in harmony with your mind and body and your life in general, that’s when creativity takes place. I felt that was the right time to start what I’ve always been dreaming about and actually go get it. And that’s how Summer Wren was born.”

We passionately craft each piece with the utmost love and care, so when you slip into our clothes, you feel cherished, adored, and absolutely gorgeous.
Our goal for Summer Wren was to have a limited inventory, so each piece would be in a selected quantity and high quality. None of the garment pieces will be coming back after they sell out, so that people who like to be different, would feel different.

The Loom - An Exclusive Collection of Crochet Garments 

The Loom is an exclusive collection representing the artistry and craft of skilled Armenian female artisans who pour their soul and expertise into meticulously crafting crochet shawls and blouses.They work diligently for weeks to ensure that every stitch is a testament to their artistry.Each shawl is a tribute to powerful women, weaving narratives of empowerment and individuality into the fabric. 

In a world where speed often takes precedence, The Loom proudly embraces the deliberate and intentional, showcasing of the beauty that arises when hands, not machines, are the architects of fashion. It is an intentional step towards a more artistic, thoughtful and sustainable wardrobe. We take fabrics and turn them into something magical, something that makes you feel uplifted, inspired, and ready to conquer your world.
Our clothes are your battle armor, designed to make you feel invincible and victorious. We understand the battles you fight, and we're here to celebrate your triumphs with you.
Ready to spread your wings with Summer Wren? 

Dress like you are already famous and
lets see how high you can fly! 

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