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the loom

The Loom is a uniquely exquisite handmade crochet collection crafted by the skilled hands of Armenian artisans. Each delicate piece is not just a work of art but a personal narrative, weaving the exceptional stories of artistic women who fueled the vision of Sona Lazaryan for the brand and inspired her to transform the narratives of those impactful ladies into wearable compositions. Every crochet in The Loom collection embodies the spirit, resilience, and elegance of these remarkable ladies, whose stories resonate through the intricate patterns and delicate textures, creating a wearable tribute to their empowering journeys.

A Tribute to New York,
Muse to The Loom

New York, the pulsating heart of creativity and inspiration, served as the primary muse for the inception of The Loom. To capture the true spirit of the collection, our collection reveal and release, along with the captivating photoshoot, unfolded against the iconic backdrop of New York. The city's skyline, its streets alive with diverse cultures, served as the perfect canvas to reflect the multifaceted beauty of The Loom.

Woven Artisanal Narratives

Every crochet is a silent storyteller, weaving together a unique narrative waiting to be discovered. Beyond being mere garments, these wearable artworks unfold tales of inspiration and elegance, while also revealing the passion and creativity of the hands that brought it to life. Each carefully crafted loop and knot carries the indomitable spirit of a remarkable woman, adding a layer of depth and character to the finished piece.